TOKYO mizumachi

TOKYO mizumachi

A spacious facility with a community hostel to accommodate both domestic and international travelers, a new restaurant business model that integrates the park and river environment, and a cafe where you can also enjoy sports.


Live to Trip

A place where people, regions, and cultures come and go, where life is like travel and travel is like life.
A waterfront destination development where you can discover the magic of a community-based downtown area by travelling around town

TOKYO mizumachi
Origin of Name

Using the same naming convention as Tokyo Solamachi®, which expresses the adjacent Tokyo Skytree Town® as a “Town of Towers” (“Sky Town”), the name Mizumachi (“Water Town”) expresses that this is a waterfront town and is a name rooted in the community, familiar to anyone.

Opening Date
18,June, 2020
1 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo